Here at Sure Safe Electrics we strive to deliver a consistently high level of service to our customers. To underpin our commitment to compliance, we are currently investing in the development of a real time operating system which collects data from our engineers whilst on site from photos of rectified non-compliances through to new installations. This information will be stored in the cloud and can be easily audited either by our management team or can be easily accessed by the client.

We carry out post inspections on projects large or small. The information gathered informs our management reporting processes, which enables us to monitor and improve our engineers’performance and further enables us to drive continuous improvements throughout the business.

Benefits of having an in-house compliance team

  1. Reduces organizational and individual risk
  2. Enables less hesitance and more confidence
  3. Uncovers better data for better decisions
  4. Gives the gift of efficiencies and economies of scale
  5. Levels the playing field
  6. Helps realize a company’s mission
  7. Enhances relationships with clients
  8. Reminds us that transparency is good business
  9. Helps attract and retain talent and ensure employee engagement