Bathroom Electrical Installations

Electric Shower

As far as electricity is concerned, the bathroom is possibly the most dangerous room in the house.

Water is a very efficient conductor of electrical current which makes the combination of water and electricity potentially lethal.

As such, it is essential that any electrical systems in the bathroom are installed and tested by professionally qualified electricians. We have installed new electric systems into bathrooms as well as upgraded and modernised existing electrical circuits to comply with Section 701 of BS 7671:2008, and Part P of the Building Regulations.

Bathroom Electrical Installations
The most common electrical installations for a bathroom include:

  • Installing or replacing a shaver socket
  • Installing or replacing an extractor fan to help minimise moisture in the bathroom that can lead to condensation and damp problems. We can supply and fit both humidistat fans that automatically turn on when it senses too much moisture in the air as well as timer fans which come on with your bathroom light and turn off a few minutes after the light is turned off.
  • Installing or replacing light fittings from central lights to spotlights and mirror lights.
  • Installing or replacing an electric shower