Lighting / switches

Suresafe Electrics Electrical Testing & Installation

With all the different varieties of lighting available to you it has become much more difficult to install lighting and switches in your home.

Some simple switches and lights can be replaced or put in on your own but you should always get a qualified electrician to check any work you have done as a loose wire could spark and be a safety hazard.

Most lights have become more design oriented and the use of spot lights and wall lights have become very popular. These require additional wiring when installing the lights and are very difficult to do on your own. We have a number of electricians who can install these lights very quickly saving you a lot of time and peace of mind knowing that the lights used by your family are safe.

Adding additional lighting and switches is becoming more popular as many homes have old fittings and fixtures which need to be modernised. You can add a fancy lighting system or install dimmer switches or complex lighting switches that will give you more control over the lighting for different purposes.