Intercom Systems

Suresafe Electrics Electrical Testing & Installation

Different intercom and door phone systems are widely used in residential buildings, business premises, shopping centres, office blocks, parking garages, etc.

With an intercom system visitors can be identified, which gives added security. In retail premises, an intercom system can improve internal logistics (loading bay doors, etc.).

Solutions for new buildings and renovation sites

  • intercom systems
  • door phones
  • code-based keypads
  • video door phones
  • gate phone systems

The modern systems can be easily connected to other systems, such as CCTV and access control systems. We can provide all the required services: a survey of needs, system engineering, installations, deployment and training.

We can easily find the best solution for each client specific requirements. Thanks to our extensive resources, our lead times are short and our performance is always of the highest quality.