Extra sockets

Electrical Sockets

Speak to us about adding extra sockets to their home or office, as technology develops more electronic devices are affordable, when once upon a time you would only need an electric socket for the TV and perhaps a light, now you may need extra sockets for your Digital TV, DVD players, computers, laptops, Games consoles, lights, digital photo frames etc.

Extra sockets are always needed in older houses that never took into account such appliances when the house was designed and built. Even some newer houses may need extra sockets especially if you have lots of Games consoles, like a Wii, Xbox and Playstation all of which need an accessible power supply.

You should never try to add extra sockets yourself as this needs a qualified electrician to wire them up safely and ensure they meet the required standards. Extra sockets are a relatively quick and simple job for a trained electrician and can be hassle free for you as the job is done quickly and safely.

Adding extra plug sockets can make your home much safer and tidier as you eliminate the need for extension cables and wires which can be a health and safety hazard for fires, surges and tripping over.